phone necklace buANDtrue
The phone necklace was invented and created by Samja Schroeder in 2014 when she lost her phone once again on the foto set, this time on Hout Bay in Cape Town were she was working as a fashion stylist, traveling the world.

As a stylist you need the cellphone constantly and at the same time you need your hands to be free.

So she started to look for a cover on a lanyard to wear it around her neck. After an intense research she realized that she had to invented it herself because there was nothing similar on the market.

The first model was inspired by Isabel Marant and was soon realized in other colors. And after increasing requests other models in different materials and colors followed and blueANDtrue was born.

It was important for Samja that this object was not only very practical to use but also a beautiful accessory.

It is attached up side down to a shock proofed tpu cover (TPU: full name Thermoplastic Polyurethane, is a kind of sustainable eco-friendly material. It is a man-made material).

, so it allows easy access to your phone and has an adjustable length so it can be worn in front or crossbody.

All the products are well studied, mostly inspired by a designer, special place or an artist, handcrafted, tie dyed by hand, hand embroidered or hand painted and are considered not only as a phone cover but as a piece a jewelry.

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