Phone Necklace N°014
smartphone necklace - blueANDtrue

Phone Necklace N°014


blueANDtrue cover phone necklace in clear transparent silicone on black&green cotton cord tie-dyed by hand plus details in real gold and cotton tassel in aquamarine.

Handmade in Italy


Handmade Phone Necklace with cover in clear transparent silicone on 5mm cotton cord, tie-dyed by hand in batik style in the colors black to emerald green, purple embroidery plus rings and logo cube bead in 14k gold plated with cotton tassel in aquamarine and gold plated logo tag.

blueANDtrue phone necklace also holds the phone upside down so when it is used, the screen doesn’t have to be turned around.

The lanyard’s length adjustable so it could be carried in front or cross body.

Available for iPhone and other smartphone models.

Handmade in Italy

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